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D. A., Otsego County

"Thank GOD and thanks for everything." On learning her case had been dismissed.

R. C., Wexford County

"Thanks Warren for being my lawyer, I really appreciate all the help."

E. W., Grand Traverse County

"Thank you, I really appreciate it. I know I couldn't have made it through this without you."

P. A., Grand Traverse County

"Again, thanks in advance. This was a painless and easy process thanks to your assistance."

J. H., Oscoda County

"Of course, I can't believe we settled for that much." On obtaining settlement authority from client.

Success Stories

Operating While Intoxicated Third


A client retained us on a felony operating while intoxicated. It was reduced to a misdemeanor and the client was given time served. 

Slip and Fall


Most Michigan attorneys shy away from slip and fall cases due to Michigan's harsh laws prohibiting successful outcomes. The Wahl Legal Group continues to have success in even the harshest legal environments. 

Returning Clients


The majority of our clients are based on client referrals or returning clients.